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Welcome to our new Blog on Facebook. PMF is dedicated to improving the social, economic, educational and environmental circumstances of Preston’s disadvantaged communities, in particular from BME backgrounds.


We hope this is the beginning of a lively and engaging dialogue. We are excited about using this new communications tool and hope it will increase our collaboration and interaction with you and the wider community. The blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing and raising awareness of the services and activities of PMF, more importantly, however, giving us an opportunity to hear from you.


Just to be clear, the blog is not replacing our usual modes of communicating with and getting feedback from the community. Instead, it is an additional way of communicating with you. 


We hope you will comment on our posts and on the comments of others. Another thing we will always appreciate is your feedback about PMF.  If you have any comments or suggestions we will welcome them and would love to hear them.


In the meantime, if you have questions, issues or concerns on any matter please do not hesitate to contact us on our usual telephone number or by email.


Welcome again to the new PMF Blog.




Email us at: prestonmuslimforum@live.co.uk

Call us at : 01772 889431


Ismail Rawat : Chair

Vali Patel : Co-opted Member

Ibrahim : Company Secretary/Treasurer 

Moulana Ismail : Board Member

Siraz Natha : Board Member

Nurzhan Amla : Board Member

Mehrunisha Tutla : Board Member

Mahmood Amirat : Board Member

Anis Faruki : Board Member


Vali Patel : Volunteer Centre Manager

Ayub Bapu : Development Worker 

Rausha Kamal : Development Worker

Shaukhat Khan : Development Worker

Safina Ibrahim : Event/Volunteer co-ordinator

Sobbeia Iftikhar  : Volunteer project support

Nasmeen Kassim : Volunteer reception-Admin

Safwan Bux : Volunteer

Sarah Bel Haddad : Volunteer/I.T.

Azam Deen : Volunteer

Mustafa Mohamed : Volunteer/I.T.

Serving the community since 1992

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